For Fighters: Building a strong sponsorship portfolio - Nilmi Fight League

Securing sponsorships for fighters involves a combination of strategic networking, self-promotion, and showcasing skills both inside and outside the ring.

Here are some steps that fighters can take to increase their chances of getting sponsorship:

  1. Build a Strong Personal Brand:

    • Develop a unique and compelling personal brand that sets you apart from other fighters. This includes creating a professional image, having a strong social media presence, and showcasing your personality.
  1. Professionalism and Sportsmanship:

    • Demonstrate professionalism both in and out of the ring. Good sportsmanship, a positive attitude, and respectful behavior go a long way in attracting sponsors.
  1. Record and Highlight Achievements:

    • Keep a detailed record of your achievements, including win-loss records, notable performances, and awards. Create a professional portfolio that showcases your skills and accomplishments.
  1. Quality Media Kit:

    • Prepare a well-designed media kit that includes your biography, fight history, high-quality photos, and videos of your fights. Make it easy for potential sponsors to learn about you and your career.
  1. Engage with Fans:

    • Build a strong fan base by engaging with your audience on social media. Sponsors are often attracted to fighters with a large and engaged following, as it provides them with more exposure.
  1. Networking:

    • Attend industry events, connect with other fighters, trainers, and influencers in the combat sports community. Networking can open doors to potential sponsorship opportunities.
  1. Reach Out to Companies:

    • Identify companies that align with your personal brand and values. Reach out to them with a compelling proposal that outlines how a partnership would benefit both parties.
  1. Local Community Involvement:

    • Get involved in your local community. Sponsors often appreciate fighters who contribute positively to their communities. This involvement can also attract local businesses as potential sponsors.
  1. Stay Professional and align with the brand

    • Maintain a high level of professionalism in all your interactions with potential sponsors. Respond promptly to inquiries, and demonstrate your commitment to their brand. 
    • Are you a fit to represent their brand? Do you like what they represent? Sponsorship and representing brands is a two-way street, you should like what they are offering and be keen to represent them. After all, you will need to wear their brand and products when you are at the top!
Remember that securing sponsorships is a gradual process, and persistence is key.


Building a strong personal brand and maintaining a positive reputation will increase your chances of attracting sponsors who align with your goals and values.