Sponsorship Campaign [5 week pre-fight camp - For fighters only]

Sponsorship Campaign [5 week pre-fight camp - For fighters only]

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Fight camp and acquiring sponsorship is hard! Your main focus should be the fight, not searching for sponsors. Leave the hard work to us!

This is a social media and marketing package during the 5-week fight camp period which includes:

1. Fighter call for sponsorship (including templates for posting, link and promotion across socials) (we work with fighters for up to 3 hours to finalize this template)

2. Business development activities to find relevant sponsors for the fighter (includes account management between sponsors and fighter) [value: 2 weeks of BD work full time]

3. Writing and developing contracts for brand deals

4. For this service, Nilmi Fight League does NOT offer invoicing. It is on donation terms via GoFundme directly to the fighter in question.

5. T-shirt printing with logos (1 shirt is included in package; extra shirts must be paid by fighter)

This is accepted on a case-by-case basis only. You must be an elite level fighter on a high level promotion to be considered and your brand should align with the values and mission of Nilmi Fight League. Please inquire at info@nilmifightleague.com to see if you are eligible for this package.

For this service, there is an up-front engagement fee of £500 (circa 2 weeks of person-hours goes into business development for this service) + Nilmi Fight League retains a 20% fee of sponsorship money raised.

We seek fighters who want to work together long term and build our brands together. We are not interested in one-off engagements for quick fight camps/cash.

*Please note this pricing does not apply to businesses. For businesses, our engagement is taken on case-by-case and requires a monthly retainer + % commission on total sponsorship - please email to book a time to discuss info@nilmifightleague.com

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