Fighter Sponsorship Contract Template [Digital Product]

Fighter Sponsorship Contract Template [Digital Product]

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A sponsorship contract is a legally binding agreement between a sponsor and a sponsored party that outlines the terms and conditions of the sponsorship arrangement.

This contract formalises the relationship and expectations between the two parties, ensuring that both understand their respective rights, obligations, and benefits. Sponsorship contracts are commonly used in various contexts, including sports events, cultural festivals, business conferences, and other promotional activities.

Please note: we work with you to create and finalise your fighter contract with a target sponsor. Once this is purchased, you will receive an email to book a call to build your personalised contract with us.

Please ensure you add a valid email address when purchasing this digital product. This is for 1 standard contract template for sponsorship deals.

To note, these are standard templates. Please consult a lawyer to ensure your T&Cs follow the law in your governing country in the event of any concerns. We do not have any legal biding to these templates and will not be responsible for contracts negotiations or anything related after purchase.

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